Chris Riser was born in Detroit, and moved to the suburbs of Portland as a young child of the 1980s. Hip Hop saved his life, driving Riser to study the thesaurus, as well as standard and rhyme dictionaries as a teen. Riser poured his thoughts, feelings, and imagination into notebooks, beats, and freestyle sessions. He ran the family plan backwards, getting married at 19, meeting his eldest daughter at 20, and the second baby girl three years later. Riser worked at the Beaverton Powell’s, reading deeply along the lines of theology, philosophy, history, economics, and politics. He left Powell’s to attend classes full time, first at Portland Community College, then at Portland State. He eventually obtained his Masters in Education with English Language Arts and Social Studies endorsements at the age of 32. Riser now has three girls, the same beautiful partner, and two dogs, one of whom is named Kevin. He learns from young people in Portland Public Schools, in the process developing in them a sense of their own power and ability to act to make the world a better place.