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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Anti-Racism. Social Justice.

Buzzwords. Too often, consultants deploy these concepts at a surface level to attract more business. There is no depth to the practical and lived experiences that give these terms meaning. Then, after using—and abusing— these terms, the consultant flies off to their next client, leaving institutions and the people who bring them to life with little more than a bill and a handful of buzzwords.

Not Chris Riser. With more than a decade of experience in education, and seven years of training in the Portland Teachers Program—a full tuition scholarship program for people of color with interest in education—Chris Riser is a master educator who continuously learns from students, colleagues, and life in order to continuously deepen his theory and practice.

Chris is constantly interrogating language and searching for new language to describe the experience of life and living with others.

And his primary site for this work is middle school, that fraught transition in human development when our bodies and brains are changing more radically than at almost any other period in the lifespan. This equips him to work in highly charged, constantly shifting interpersonal situations where human feeling can overwhelm human rationality.

So, if you’re looking for someone committed to supporting you in transforming your mission-driven workplace or school site into a space where everyone feels welcome, wanted, and worthy of the work you’ve set out to accomplish together, look no further than Chris Riser.


  • Topical Presentations
  • “DEI” Start Up for Organizations
  • Short & Long Term Coaching & Advising


  • P20 Educational Institutions
  • DEI Teams & Directors
  • Non-Profit Boards
  • HR Departments

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